the lounge

The Lounge is a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a  great variety of wines with friends and family. It has original brick walls covered in beautiful art from local artists, lovely wood flooring, elegant and wonderful selection of wines, a wine bar at the back of the room where you will be served by our friendly staff and many comfortable seating areas - several with leather couches and others with high top tables where you can sit and enjoy your wine. 

From our extensive wine list, you are welcome to order a taste of wine or a glass, or buy a bottle to enjoy in our lounge or take home . At Peak of the Vine, you can explore many wines and develop confidence in your own unique palate. Discover the different characteristics of regions, individual styles of winemakers, and distinct flavors of grape varietals without having to drink bottles of wine (although there's nothing wrong with that!!). And as a change in pace, we also serve a small selection of beers.


With all those wonderful wines and local craft beer can be accommodated with  small plate pleasers........

Peak of the Vine is a perfect atmosphere for birthday parties, wedding showers, dates, business seminars, getting together with friends or meeting new friends - a place to relax and have a great time! If you would like to schedule an event here, please call us at (919) 372- 5850.

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Brad Moddy
On Gloomy Day like this nothing feels better then Glass of Chianti and Fresh Made Caprese Skewers
This weekend. Italian dipping. Extra Virgin Olive. Balsamic. Shaved Parmesan
More seating at your request
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