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Wine Club Experience:

Membership Tiers:

    1. The Regular - $37.95 per month:

      • Includes 6 complimentary wine tastings/flights.

    2. The Insider - $48.95 per month:

      • Includes 6 wine tastings/flights.

      • Receives 1 bottle per month.

    3. The VIP - $82.95 per month:

      • Includes 6 wine tastings/flights.

      • Receives 3 bottles per month.

    4. The Elite - $165.95 per month:

      • Includes 6 wine tastings/flights.

      • Receives 6 bottles per month.

  • Membership Benefits:

    • All Wine Club Members enjoy exclusive benefits starting on the 1st of each month.

    • Membership includes 6 complimentary wine tastings or flights per month.

  • Wine Tasting Events and Wine Flights:

    • Join us every Wednesday from 6 pm to 8 pm for captivating wine tastings presented by Wine Reps, Sommeliers, or Wine Makers.

    • Each tasting features 4 different wines, with a generous 3 oz pour for each.

    • For Non-Wine Club Members, the cost is $25 per tasting. Wine Club Members can use two of their wine tasting credits for complimentary entry.

    • Additionally, experience our delightful Wine Flight option available for $25 (3 oz of 3 selections) for Non-Wine Club Members.

    • Wine Club Members enjoy two complimentary flights per visit, with any additional flights (up to 2) receiving a $10 discount each.

    • After utilizing all 6 wine club tasting credits, the 7th and subsequent flights are $10 off the regular price.

    • Groups of 3 or more guests will also enjoy a $10 discount on their 3rd and 4th wine tastings.

Once you submit the form, our team will review your information and send you an invoice to complete the payment. Upon payment, you will officially be part of the Wine Club, and your benefits will commence on the 5th of the upcoming month.s 

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